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Dear Lana,

Most of us have loved you for years. We have a luxury of loving an artist who has such an enormous wealth of putting 5 great albums out within 6 years AND blessing us with them every 15 months - hopefully for many, many years to come. We are forever grateful for your contribution to our lives and we'll never forget a single word from all of the songs you've released. In fact, we do remember one particular line that painfully reminds us of what we're experiencing at almost every single one of your shows: "singing blues has been getting old." Blues may not be what aged the most, but the same setlist over and over again for YEARS indeed has. Most of us consider Born To Die to be an iconic album that reminds us of many incredible memories, friendships made, hearts being broken and so on. It's a magnificent piece of art and we cannot thank you enough for making us fall in love with you the moment it was released.

You've said once that singing the same songs is tiring, and not only is it tiring for you, but it is for us when we're exposed to them for the 100th time while the rest of the amazing songs from the rest of the albums that would sound perfect live sit on the shelf. These records are diverse, mature, polished and you're simply letting them go to waste. We love the new songs as much as you love writing and recording them and it would be SUCH a blast to hear them live! Even though you've stated that you're not a natural performer and you prefer sitting in the studio and silently releasing music we can clearly see things have changed over the years and you've gotten more comfortable onstage. Not to mention you've admitted that multiple times in the press. Your craft gets better and better every show and letting the setlist catch up on the changes would be an amazing addition to the performances we receive from you.

Most of us attend every show you play in the countries we live in. Some of us were lucky enough to attend the shows from Paradise Tour all the way to 2017 so-called festival tour. And although we enjoy every single one of them and we're dedicated to welcome you the best way we can with our silly efforts to make you feel at home home, you seem to forget all these years of your commercially successful career and the fact you've traveled the world with the same number of songs for literally 5 years. The setlist never changes. The addition is more or less one or two new songs every era. Some of the dedicated fans have heard Born To Die songs live for many, many times. We LOVE all of your music and we would LOVE to make you realize that when you finally deliver some of the newer songs so we can be the happiest fans in the whole galaxy (the interstellar fans as well) and let you know about that face to face.

Most of us are young people. We put every spare cent in the jar in hopes that one day you'd arrive in our country. We don't have much and if we do have some money to spend, hopefully it's your shows we put our savings into. Of course we love festivals, who doesn't. Most importantly, YOU do. We are aware of your enormous love for the open space and the overall mood they create, but if we attend them with the knowledge you're going to be there, we most certainly aren't interested in seeing any other artist. We'd wait for hours to see you and wouldn't even think for a second about leaving our spot in the queue. That's why we literally suffer to spend so much money on festivals. They're overpriced if you intend to see only one artist and to most of us you're important enough to put seeing you over any other thing we'd spend our money on. We're aware of a proper tour being tiring for you. But once again - we don't ask for much. We are NOT asking for huge "arenas" and hundreds of tour shows. Both Paradise Tour and Endless Summer Tour were incredible - that's the proof of acoustic shows in smaller venues being even more cheerful than festival ones simply because the show is played specifically for the most dedicated fans and you can feel like home with us, and if more diverse setlist comes along, then it truly is "heaven on earth."

We do realize that doing festival shows requires some strategy with shaping the setlist the exact way an ordinary person would expect the music to be and that it has to be friendly for the casual festival-goer. That's why we have problems with both setlist AND festivals. Born To Die is your magnum opus ONLY if you want it to be. Naming it your best work yet is a choice you've made. You can still rethink the decision. You can focus on the new projects. We support and buy EVERYTHING you do.

We don't ask for much. We do realize Born To Die was a commercial success. All we crave is a single or two from each album to be on the setlist. We've never heard "Music to Watch Boys to". We've heard most of the Ultraviolence songs only once. We've NEVER heard the majority of Honeymoon songs live. And if we did, you've sang them once or twice, hopefully non-acapella.

We love and respect you and we know that you love and respect us as well. We are aware of our position and the fact we shouldn't even consider telling you what to or what not to do because we truly believe in you and support your decisions unconditionally. The fans are just concerned that you might not realize the scale of the problem and are worried that you might be singing the same songs over and over simply for the wrong reasons. If you think people demand the old, iconic hits - think again. We'd LOVE to hear Lust for Life being the true gem of the newest shows.

Even if you put your music first and your shows second, please remember that these things are most likely equal to us - fans.

Yours unconditionally,


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