Lakme India - Are you Dark-skinned Friendly? #ColourMeRight for Anti-Colourism

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I can survive without cosmetics but not without my Kajal - as BLACK as it's colour is. I wear it every day and feel incomplete without it. I use Lakmé products therefore I am a customer of Lakmé and I am dark-skinned.

Lakmé website says - "An ally to the classic Indian woman, Lakmé inspires her to express the unique beauty and sensuality within… enabling her to realize the potency of her beauty." The contemporary Indian beauty expert - Lakmé is the country's first cosmetic brand to introduce makeup to Indian women and takes pride in being the expert on Indian Beauty for over 50 years.

This is Dark Brown Woman now expressing –

Brands such as Lakmé are a legacy and have become part of our lives.

On the website, I see something evidently missing. Do Lakmé products cater to only one range of skin colour - Fair?

We all know that cosmetic products heavily target the young crowd. We also need to be aware that the portrayal of beauty standards impact impressionable minds.

If Lakmé ads are represented without diversity of Indian women, then please have a disclosure on products stating they are meant for only fair skinned!

I am sure the above is not Lakmé’s propaganda and Lakmé acknowledges the existence of dark skinned Indians.

Then why stereotype colour?  Are we that invisible? Do we not exist?

I have started this petition to determine if its only me who sees Colourism here (differentiation based on colour).

Lakmé’s history - It was started in 1952, it became famous because the then Prime Minister was concerned that Indian women were spending precious foreign exchange on beauty products.

Based on the above historical fact, its definitely ironic (eyeronic rather).

Lakmé needs to change the way they advertise if their products cater to all. Lakmé needs to represent diversity of Indian women, with all skin tones in all future ad campaigns.

We know Lakmé can celebrate beauty – beyond geography, prejudice, conventions & the colour of one's skin (as per 'Celebrating beauty without bias', 'Beauty beyond boundaries' and 'All Inclusive' theme by Lakme Fashion Week - August 2018)

The petition urges Lakmé to make a commitment to include women of all skin tones in their future advertisements.

#ColourMeRight Rise up Now! Be Unafraid!

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