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Lakeridge Student Green Team would like your support in Banning Styrofoam on Mercer Island

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We, the Lakeridge student Green Team, are asking for you to sign our petition in support of banning styrofoam from Mercer Island. Only a few restaurants still use styrofoam to-go containers for their food, but the effect this has on our environment and the potential harmful effects it has on our health, makes this a serious problem that we want to stop. Many restaurants on the island already use recyclable and compostable to-go containers and they are readily available for purchase.  Here are a few important facts about styrofoam that may help you decide to sign our petition:

1)Styrofoam is made from styrene. The EPA has labeled 'styrene' as a 'possible human carcinogen', that means it is cancer causing.

2)Scientists have found that styrene can leach from styrofoam food containers into hot and acidic foods. Meaning humans may be ingesting this chemical when they eat or drink foods out of styrofoam to-go containers. Never microwave styrofoam, that only increases this process.

3)Styrofoam is very lightweight. It can easily escape from garbage trucks trying to dispose of it in landfills. Even if it makes it to a landfill, it will never biodegrade. It has a life expectancy of forever.

4)Styrofoam is buoyant and brittle. When it gets broken up into tiny particles, it frequently floats through the air into the ocean. One of the largest components of marine pollution is styrofoam. Additionally, birds and marine mammals mistake these pieces for food. This can block their intestines and starve them to death.

5)Syrofoam is a double offender through the production of it. Styrofoam is made from petroleum, which is a non-sustainable resource, the production of which creates heavy pollution and accelerates climate change.

6)14 million tons of styrofoam are thrown away each year!

7) Styrofoam is made using HCFs or hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which pollutes the air and is known to actively deplete the ozone layer. We need the ozone layer to protect us from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation. It is much much worse than CO2.

Please consider signing our petition to help make our world a safer, healthier place.

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