Thunder Bay school Transportation needs to change

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As if this year my children are not eligible to take the school bus anymore because we live 800 meters from the school until last year there was never a problem I have three child that use the bus my youngest in grade 4 this year and 9 years old has to walk to school and home there are no side walks for half the walk so that means she will be walking on the road half way to school in the winter without a safe place to walk icy road conditions may cause injury to her Thunder Bay weather is cold on days when the weather is -30 or more you expect a 9 year old to freeze and walk to school. My son has asthma and during different seasons and extreme cold it’s hard for him to breathe you except him to walk to school 

single parents that work and aren’t availabile to drive their kids to school everyday there or back you causing unnecessary stress worried about their children’s safety 


JK/SK Over .4 km - Parents of Kindergarten students may request transportation under the .4 km. These requests are submitted to the Principal or Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay.
Grade 1 - Grade 3 Over .8 km (½ mile)
Grade 4 - Grade 8 Over 1.6 km (1 mile)
Grade 9 - Grade 12 Over 1.6 km (1 mile)

Grade 4 —— 1.6 Kms really they are 9 years old predators weather accidents anything can happen and unless they are 1.6 kms away from the school they can’t get buses 

grades 9 to 12 are the same distance range as of a grade 4 ,how is that even explainable.

we need to change this for the safety of our children something needs to be done