Lake Macquarie Council Maggots

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Lake Macquarie City Council this year made the decision to empty general household waste bins on a fortnightly basis instead of weekly as it has been since the creation of bins. 

The council thought it would be more productive to supply each household with a small compost bin and some biodegradable bags to seperate our food waste from general waste. This is supposed to compensate a whole bin of food scraps per fortnight. 

The problem is... is that the council in they’re infinite wisdom fails to recognise that a family with two adults, three teenage kids and two pets generates about 7 times more waste than let’s say a single pensioner or professional couple. 

Imagine 2 weeks of soiled nappies sitting in the hot Australian weather? Disgusting! It’s ok, Lake Macquarie City Councils solution via a Facebook complaint is to scrape the waste into the toilet and then put in bin. That should save heaps of space. 

We believe that the residents of Lake Macquarie deserve better sanitary conditions for the rates we pay. 

Asking for our rubbish to be removed weekly is not too much to ask. Every other council still does it.