Remove the Executive Director at the Lake Humane (Inhumane) Society.

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LHS took the cats from their loving shelter Caroline’s Kids and many employees has been devastated at the evil work from the executive director. Some of the words from one of the owners Judie Brown. 

I have an employee at CK that she is very concerned of the cats also and it affected her deeply when they took them and for the past 11/2 years she goes to a psychiatrist and counseling once a week and is on medication. all of us have been affected in ways no one could understand. so please help us if you can to learn more and maybe you and others will come forward as that is the only only way this will get out and the cats and us will get justice.

Some words I said to the owner of CK. 

I was there when the cats got seized and saw everyone in small cages not even fit for them.

No one was allowed back in the warehouse at all which tells me they just abandon and neglect the cats you’ve cared for and I’m rooting for you to win. I heard many cats missing their purrrrfect home which CK had been there for them when they needed it.

I quit right when those cats came in and heard no one was allowed back there.

Lee Nesler is an evil person and should be removed as executive director.