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THIRLMERE - one of the most tranquil lakes in The English Lake District

Last year (2017) the Lake District became a World Heritage Site......and now someone wants to erect EIGHT zip wires, PURELY FOR PROFIT, across Thirlmere - one of the most tranquil lakes in the National Park!

A zip wire, let alone eight planned for Thirlmere, conflicts violently with the principles laid down in the Core Strategy document of the Lake District National Park, particularly with regard to:

CS11 Sustainable development principles - Conserve and enhance the character and quality of the local landscape, of the wider countryside and of the built environment;
CS24 Delivering sustainable tourism - Not introducing inappropriate activities, or levels of use, or otherwise being of a nature and scale detrimental to the character and quality of the environment; (Not materially affect) the character and amenity of the locality by reason of increased traffic generation, noise or other forms of disturbance;
CS25 Protecting the spectacular landscape - The type, design and scale of development, and the level of activity, should maintain and, where possible, enhance local distinctiveness, sense of place and tranquillity. In assessing development proposals the highest level of protection will be given to the landscape. (Note: This is a key point as also expressed in the Sandford Principle)

In the same year (2017), that the  Lake District National Park was awarded World Heritage Status, the Planning Department of the Authority received a planning application from Tree Top Treks, Windermere, to have EIGHT zip wire lines strung over Thirlmere as part of  'an activity hub', which would badly contravene the core values as outlined above.

Thirlmere is situated in a very tranquil and comparatively remote valley. If the  proposal to allow zip wires here is passed, it would create a very dangerous precedent and put other areas of outstanding natural beauty in The Lake District National Park at risk of further inappropriate development.

If you are not familiar with Thirlmere and it's breathtaking surroundings, have a look at Andy Beck's excellent video.  Andy's video will show you precisely where the proposed zip wire will be situated, if it is passed by the LDNPA Planning Committee.  Link:

The bodies and notable individuals against the proposed zip wires are numerous and include:

Andy Beck, artist and photographer who has recently published 'The Wainwrights in Colour' - The famous Lake District with coloured illustrations!

Sir Chris Bonington, internationally renowned mountaineer, broadcaster. writer, photographer, lecturer and environmentalist.

Melvyn Bragg, the well-known writer and broadcaster who was born and raised in Cumbria, said: “The destruction of the great pools of silence in the Lake District will most likely deter more people than it will attract.
This is nothing to do with enhancing the Lake District or enriching the experience. It’s a commercial grab that will disfigure the landscape and destroy its crucial peaceful nature.”

Film maker Terry Abraham, director of the amazing documentaries,  'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra' and 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike'.

Caroline Quentin, 'Men Behaving Badly' star, is firmly opposed to this development: "I'm concerned about the proposed zip wires at Thirlmere.  My fear is that they will spoil the peace and tranquility of this beautiful, important place.  I am all for development that enhances our National Parks, but my feeling is that we should say 'no' to zip wires at Thirlmere."      

The RAF WARNS that planned installation of eight of the longest zip-wire rides in the country across Thirlmere could bring down fighter jets using the Lake District reservoir for training....TRAINING VITAL FOR THE DEFENCE OF OUR COUNTRY.

The National Trust said: “The Thirlmere Valley was one of the key 
locations for the development of the early conservation movement in the Lake District. It inspired our founders to form the National Trust – it’s one of our birthplaces, and this is recognised in the World Heritage Site inscription.
“Just as our founders did all those years ago, we’re standing up for the Lake District – this development could have a significant impact on the landscape.”

Friends of the Lake District - the body, one of whose  aims is to PROTECT THE LAKE DISTRICT from inappropriate development, is vehemently against the zip wire proposal.  Read the in-depth blog on this subject here:           

The Wainwright Society condemned the plan outright in a press statement.                               

The British Mountaineering Council said that the proposal would have a 'significant detrimental effect on the character and beauty of the landscape'.                                         

Icicle Windermere, a technical mountaineering store, have, in response to Cumbria Tourism's supporting the zip wire proposal, chosen NOT to renew their membership of the organisation.

It is very surprising that one of the very few bodies to be in favour of this proposal is Cumbria Tourism.  Dig a little deeper and you will find that on the executive board of this supposedly neutral organisation is none other than Mr. Mike Turner, managing director of Tree Top Treks - the very company who are determined to desecrate the beauty of Thirlmere and its surroundings!

Stop press:  Two previous schemes to run a wire more than 1000m down the side of Fleetwith Pike, Honister Pass, were turned down by Lake District planners each time.  Now, refusing to take 'NO' For an answer, Jan Wilkinson, the owner of the slate mine at Honister, has very recently applied for permission again... for the THIRD time!  

When will the Turners and the Wilkinsons of this world realise that in the Lake District National Park, and indeed ALL National Parks, 'PEACE MUST COME BEFORE PROFIT'.

Hot off the Press: To date (16.02.18) a rip-roaring 3,476 emails and letters, objecting or expressing concerns have been received by LDNPA,  petitions containing well over 15,500 signatures and Oh yes! I nearly forgot................................       163 letters supporting the proposal!





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