Protect Laingsburg, MI Pets and Those Who Love Them

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Limiting domestic pets causes healthy animals to lose their homes and many die as a result.  It is the right of property owners to decide how many pets they wish to have.  As someone who cares for animals and who wants to share our world with them, I would urge the Laingsburg City Council and Planning Board to delete any language that would limit a property owner's right to decide the number of animals they wish to own.


Any ordinance regarding animals and livestock should also include an exclusion for trap-neuter-release cats.  This method is the humane way to lower the feral cat population. Those who do not wish to have cats on their property have many simple humane methods at their disposal to prevent that.  See:


Through the use of TNR, it is possible that no healthy cats will ever be killed in a shelter again. Trapping and killing has been done for years and not only is it inhumane, it does  not work. It merely creates a vacuum effect that will quickly be filled by ferals who have not been spayed or neutered and who have not had their shots. We, the undersigned would urge the Laingsburg City Council and the Planning Board to protect both animals and the humans who love them by excluding language imposing  limitations and including language that protects TNR cats.