The government is STEALING Forman Christian College's private property!

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One of the major indicators of a nation's economic viability and its prospect for future economic growth is its respect for private property ownership but the local government is seizing Forman Christian College's private property (including cricket grounds and roads connecting different academic blocks) for most of next week to use as a PARKING LOT. They are appropriating our property and seizing our campus in the first week of classes!! In what fair World is it okay to shut down an educational institution to be used as a parking facility for a cricket match? 

This is a blatant disregard of our constitutional rights and a security concern to a university of 7500 students, 2000 on-campus residents including 14 foreign families!

Formanites, we have been taught to fight injustices and be a people of character. We urge all students, alumni and good Samaritans of Lahore to join us in asking the government to find another option for parking and not use any part of the FC campus outside of its designated parking lot.

Let your voice be heard!


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