Ban the Balloon in Laguna Beach to Protect the Ocean & Marine Wildlife

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I am blessed to see dolphins, whales, sea lions and birds off the coast of Laguna Beach, California everyday from my stand up paddle board. Sadly I also see balloons in the ocean daily also. In fact, thousands of deflated balloons are being found off the coast of California. 

Marine animals often mistake the balloons for food or become entangled in their string. When ingested, balloons can block the animals digestive tract and cause it to slowly starve to death. Entanglement from ribbons and string can also lead to a painful death. Help us end this issue and clean up the ocean by signing this petition. 

Mylar balloons are not biodegradable, so when people release them and they land in the ocean, they will be there indefinitely.

We are proposing a ban on plastic, latex and mylar balloons inflated with 'lighter-than-air' substances, like helium, for all of Laguna Beach. We believe this ban will help maintain a healthy eco-system and will save the lives of marine animals residing in our ocean. 

Please sign this petition if you are in favor of this balloon ban. 

Thank you!

Rich German, Founder of Project O and Creator of Blue Laguna