Meet & Greet Lady Gaga "Joanne World Tour"

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This petition asks for a more fair meet and greet. Lady Gaga and Live Nation for her new "Joanne" world tour have offered the "Backstage Experience Package" (approximately $ 1200), but in this package the only encounter with Gaga consists of a group photo (group of 6) with random people and absolutely no individual photo. This idea seems so impersonal and weird and a lot of her fans, who were expecting a serious meet and greet opportunity, are so disappointed. We would like to ask, through this petition, if Live Nation and Lady Gaga may add a Q/A with her fans and an individual photo for everyone. Lady Gaga loves her fans and listens to them, and this idea seems so strange and so impersonal, that a 2 seconds photo is just not acceptable for an artist like her, who loves and supports her fans at any cost.

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