Petition to FDOC for Sustainable Visitation Rights

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Mr. Governor Scott & Florida Department of Correction, 

 As we are all fully aware there has been endless of news articles and reports of evidence in the pass decades of experience demonstrate that inmate contact with family and friends — direct, face-to-face contact — helps to repair and retain the ties that are crucial to the inmates' successful return to normal life once their sentence is completed. Visits help curb inmate discipline problems and violence.

The inmates desperately require human contact to BOOST their morale and give them any kind of hope. We are simply pleading for our Congressional offices to hear our concerns to make a fair decisions of FDOC wanting to decrease visitation rights to inmates and families. This involves me personally and  millions of other loves one and their children. I can't even imagine having less time to spend face to face with my loved one. Truthfully, the amount of time we have with the inmates are minimal at best.

To suggest having visitation every other weekend is ludicrous. I see many problems involving that idea for the families and the Correctional Officers who would be on that shift swamped with families visiting. It clearly make ZERO SENSE to suggest that on many levels obviously to all that are involved in that process. 

There's power in numbers as you will notice...we have to stand firm in knowing what's best for our inmates, not to mention their families. If you’re going to try to cut our contact visits, we’re going to boycott the video visitation. 

In closing, on behalf of our citizen inmates who aren't allow to speak for themselves and the loved ones on the outside; hear our pleas. Look at the overall situation and weigh the benefits of consistent face to face visiting rights that we should all be privilege to.

Thank you for your time in this critical but necessary matter. We are simply pleading for our Congressional offices and the Florida Department of Correction to REALLY hear our concerns.

We appreciate your fair consideration.



Michele Charbonneau &

Families of Inmates as well as concerned taxpayers.





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