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Give Canadians 3 Day Weekends

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Standardizing the work week to 4x9 hour work days (e.g. 8am - 5.30pm, Monday - Thursday with a three day weekend for all full time workers on Friday, Saturday & Sunday) it is envisioned will contribute to:

- increased productivity for business (studies show that employees working a four day workweek are more productive and happier overall);

- vastly improved work/life balance for employees & their families;

- the family unit benefits from more time with parents at home;

- employees saving money on commuting to and from work, lunches, child care, etc;

- creation of part-time &/or casual positions to fill the rostering void Friday through Sunday (unless employers choose pay workers fairly for additional hours, which in most cases is not currently the case).

As it stands:
- the Canadian work force is being worked into early graves and need not be.
- parents are struggling to properly raise their children with both parents often absent because of work.
- family values are almost non existent and the family unit is suffering as a consequence.

Simply put, unemployment need not exist under this model, family & personal quality of life can again become a priority, work/life balance can be restored, and health issues would in turn decline. Other benefits are too numerous to mention here, where as detrimental factors are minimal relative to this concept.

Please sign, promote & share this petition and be responsible for instigating the most important change affecting Canada's workforce in our history.

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