Penalize Labour MPs who repeatedly undermine their elected leader and damage party image

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The Labour Party has grown to be the biggest political party in the world.  This has been the direct result of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, ethos and basic democratic policies.

There are a number of Labour MPs who have done their best to undermine his leadership on many occasions, including the present one concerning the debacle of backing the conservatives in aggression with no proof against Russia.  

Their focus on a number of occasions is to back conservative policies and undermine and discredit their elected leader.  Jeremy Corbyn was elected with overwhelming support of paid up Labour members.  The Labour Party is a SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY and therefore, the choice of leader is made BY THE ORDINARY MEMBERS NOT A FEW MPs

We are asking that ordinary members be listened to and that these 20 MPs (so far) who have put together a statement backing Theresa May be brought to account for attempting to undermine the elected leader in the run-up to an election and deliberately starting divisive action to damage Labour movement completely.