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For an immediate Labour Party inquiry into the smear campaign of anti-s itism

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The UK Labour Party is at present the main official opposition and therefore the alternative Government in the UK Parliament. What takes place within that organisation affects not just paid up members but also the wider electorate and population of the UK regardless of any or no party political affiliation, leanings or support. Since the popular election of its current leader in 2015 some sections and individuals within the Party have devoted considerable time and effort in attempting to undermine and reverse that election and have not missed any opportunity to proactively create a negative impression of anyone inside or outside of the Labour Party holding a different policy perspective to themselves and the clique they represent. The current manifestation of this is to smear anyone who they consider 'not one of us' with the slur of anti-semitism. The Labour Party has a long history of opposition to racism in all its forms and publicly charging people with racism and suspending them from membership is a serious step which should not be pursued lightly as it affects not just current members but also potential members and voters from within the wider electorate. What makes these charges problematic is that the definition of anti-semitism here has been subverted to mean any criticism of zionism in its current form which, in its present practice towards the Palestinian Arab population, is inherently racist. In both essence and effect what is taking place here is most accurately described as a 'witch hunt' designed to smear any existing and future member with the charge of racism for criticising what is in present fact and practice a racist doctrine (zionism as currently practised) which consistently breaks international law and undermines basic notions of moral behaviour and ethical values in its treatment of and approach to PalestinIan Arabs. Any 'successful' conclusion of such a witch hunt which results in members being ejected from the Labour Party under such charges will by definition result in adherence to the current manifestation and practice of a racist doctrine being formally made a compulsory condition of membership of one the two main UK Parliamentary Political parties. By extension any member of the UK electorate opting to cast their vote for a Labour candidate will, whether they agree or not, be implicitly supporting a racist doctrine as currently practised, including support for breaking and undermining international law. In short agreement with and support for zionism in its present form and practice will be compulsory. The purpose of this petition therefore is, on behalf of the wider electorate of the UK regardless of party political leanings, to demand that the UK Labour Party National Executive immediately undertake an urgent enquiry into the behavior and activities of those members of the UK Labour Party, including MP's, who have been and are involved in this smear campaign which impacts not just on its own current membership but also its wider potential support base amongst the electorate. The objective being to determine whether the individuals involved and the organisations they represent have acted and are acting in breach of Labour Party membership rules against the best interests of both the Party and the electorate.

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