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Keep the DUP out of the government

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The DUP are a dangerous coalition partner who should have no role in the government of the United Kingdom. They have a record of opposing LGBT rights, women's rights, denying climate change and have dodgy connections with paramilitary groups. Sinn Féin have said their involvement in a coalition with the Conservatives potentially violates the Good Friday Agreement, meaning that their involvement potentially risks opening barely healed sectarian wounds.

At the same time we recognise that the UK needs a functional government. A progressive coalition of Labour, the Lib-Dems and SNP lacks the seats necessary to stay in power. That's why we're calling on MPs from centre-left parties to help us avoid the DUP gaining power, by offering confidence and supply to Theresa May to ensure that these regressives get nowhere near the levers of power.

Please sign, share and write to your Labour, Lib-Dem and SNP MP to ensure the DUP play no role in this potential coalition of chaos.

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