La Salle, do NOT sell our art!

La Salle, do NOT sell our art!

January 4, 2018
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La Salle University
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Started by Steve Johnston

La Salle's Board of Trustees has approved the sale or deaccessioning of masterpieces from the La Salle University art museum to pay for the school's "strategic plan." The art museum is the University's security and a treasure of the community and school. No part of the museum should be sold unless absolutely necessary. The list is a gutting of the museum. Over 40 pieces are to be sold. Sign the petition to send a message to La Salle that the school community, alumni, and supporters do NOT support this decision. We are stronger than this and funds can be raised in other ways. To alumni and friends capable of preventing this horrible decision, please consider donating what you can to save our art museum.

Alternative actions: 
1. (If art MUST be sold) Sell 10 or less pieces of art, excluding the Madonna statue and Thomas Eakins works due to their connection to the school and Philadelphia.
2. Create an Alumni donation campaign with a stated goal and seek donors to save certain art pieces through sponsorships.

Board decision that does not alienate the community, liberal arts, and threaten the future security of the school. There has to be another way to fund our "strategic plan." Selling the University's most valuable asset can't be the only option. 

Art to be sold: 

New York Times

Philadelphia Inquirer

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This petition had 1,526 supporters

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