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La Plata County: Please Permit Marijuana Businesses on Time

La Plata County voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 64. However, a proposed plan to ban retail marijuana stores until 2015 will unduly delay or prevent the opening of retail stores and could cause existing businesses to move or shut down. It is important to remind the La Plata County Commisioners that the citizens of La Plata County want retail marijuana stores open January 1st, 2014. 

Letter to
County Commissioner Bobby Lieb
County Commissioner Gwen Lachelt
County Commissioner Julie Westendorff
and 2 others
County Attorney Sheryl Rogers
Sarah Jacobson
Thank you for taking up the important issue of implementing Amendment 64. I am writing to ask you to honor the will of 61.7% of the voters in La Plata County and implement Amendment 64 responsibly and in a timely manner. La Plata County voters have overwhelmingly supported sensible marijuana reform. There is no doubt that a strong majority of the citizens of La Plata County want the Commissioners to permit retail marijuana businesses on time.

La Plata County already successfully regulates marijuana sales. It shouldn't be that difficult to allow compliant medical marijuana businesses to switch over. A lengthy moratorium could force local businesses to shut down or move. Please ensure that marijuana retail stores can be open in a timely manner. Thank you for supporting sensible marijuana reform and being a leader locally and nationally.

Recreational marijuana has been used and sold in La Plata County for decades, but now we finally have the opportunity to regulate it, tax it, and control it. Please put an end to La Plata County's marijuana black market by responsibly permitting retail marijuana businesses on time.

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