Justice for Leslie: Hold La Mesa Police Department Accountable

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Leslie Furcron is a 59-year-old African-American grandmother who was shot in the forehead with a lead-projectile beanbag gun by a La Mesa Police Department officer while she was peacefully protesting against police brutality on Saturday, May 30.  As a result, she spent 9 days in the ICU and had to have surgery to have the beanbag removed from her forehead.  She has currently lost sight in her eye, and the damage may be permanent. 

The La Mesa Police Department has so far refused to release the name of the officer who shot her.  Join us in demanding that the La Mesa PD identify the officer, remove him from duty, and initiate an investigation into criminal charges against him.  We also demand that La Mesa Police Department change its use of force policy to ban the use of rubber bullets, beanbag guns, and other impact projectile weapons.  They claim these weapons are "less than lethal," but these weapons are highly dangerous and frequently lead to death, disability, and serious injuries.  LMPD should not use them for crowd control, especially given the insufficient training that the officers receive.  

The La Mesa Police Department appears to want to sweep this constitutional violation under the rug, perhaps hoping to avoid more negative attention like the kind it received in the wake of the aggressive and unwarranted arrest of Amaurie Johnson.  In that case, the Department at least released body cam footage from the officers and announced that the officer who made the arrest had been placed on administrative leave.  We know, therefore, that the La Mesa PD can respond quickly to misconduct by its officers.  What excuse can it have for not taking any steps toward accountability for Ms. Furcron, a case that involved a grave, nearly fatal injury?  Where is the name of the officer?  Why does he continue to walk the streets, putting citizens at risk, instead of being removed from duty?  Where is the body cam, security camera, and drone footage from the protest?   

Ms. Furcron spoke out against police brutality, seeking justice and accountability from the police for their actions.  She did not deserve to be violently attacked for exercising her constitutional rights.  We must now seek justice and accountability for her!  Tell La Mesa PD: name the officer, terminate him, and prosecute him!