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LA Fitness Trumbull - Clean it, Fix it, Run it Properly

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1.      It’s FILTHY: The place is a mess. Trash cans overflow in the locker rooms and on the gym floor on a regular basis.  The bathrooms are grimy and moldy, and the toilets stay broken for weeks.

Paper towel dispensers throughout the gym are often empty. Hand Sanitizer units are GROSS...look like they haven't been cleaned since the gym opened 6 years ago (picture above). The water fountains have dust and all sorts of other nasty things on them. The exercise rooms and basketball court areas are dusty and have trash laying around some times.

The ONE cleaning guy they have in the morning does his best and at times even has to man the front desk for a long time.  A gym this size, with so much equipment, and that many rooms, needs to be cleaned more than once a day and by a team of people. It appears that no one cleans on the weekend (only the busiest time of the week) nor after hours so the place is always dirty when we come in.  The gym is unkempt and unsanitary!

2.      Facilities/equipment are TERRIBLECardio Equipment  and TV's do not work…40% of the TVs, treadmills, elliptical & stair machines are broken.  Only 3 of the upright bikes of the bikes that works, the TV doesn't.  Again, it's one guy supporting multiple gyms, by the time he gets here and fixes a few things, multiple other things are broken. 

The selection of complementary gym equipment (weighted balls, inflatable balls, etc) is poor when compared to other similarly priced gyms (i.e. no kettle bells or stretch bands).  Yet, the equipment they do have is poorly maintained. For example, the exercise balls are always flat and when you ask who is supposed to put air in them no one seems to know.

The one bright spot dozens of us looked forward to in the morning was the old Stretch/Exercise room and it was the highlight of the New Client tours led by the Sales team. Unfortunately, it is now closed to patrons (we were not informed, showed up one morning and the room was closed off with a sign barring entry) and reserved for personal training clients. The room is empty from 5 - 8 am everyday and goes unused for long stretches during the day. Instead, they set up a dusty corner, ¼ of the size of the old room, with no mirrors (poor form = safety issue) and even less equipment, as a substitute. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ALTERNATIVE!!              

During the warmer months, the temperature and humidity in the gym is oppressive at 6 am!!  Something must be done to better regulate the temperature and humidity levels throughout the year.

On Saturdays, the gym does not open until 8 am, whilst other gyms in the area are open at 6 or 7 am.  Weekends are busy, opening even one earlier would make a huge difference for many patrons.

Limited TV channels, yet channel line-up always changing.  Bad enough there are only 8 channels to watch, but every couple of months, someone on the staff changes the line-up so there’s no ESPN and it takes days, sometimes weeks to get it back. I mean really, no ESPN at the gym??!!!

3.      ZERO Management Accountability. It's no wonder the place is filthy and every other machine is broken, because there is absolutely NO management accountability at this gym.  

Whenever there’s an issue and you ask to speak to a manager, they are nowhere to be found, nor do they return phone calls. The staff is told to say "it's corporate” and there's nothing they can do. The few management staff that you are fortunate to catch a glimpse of, generally do not speak to patrons unless they're trying to sell you something, yet "strut" around whilst completely ignoring the clientele and the gym's state of disrepair and unsafe conditions.

If there were half as many cleaning people as there are Sales and Management staff, most of these issues would be non-existent. Unfortunately the LAF Trumbull staff are only interested in signing up new clients or selling personal training sessions. They are totally indifferent the day to day needs of the paying members and are too busy speaking to each other to even acknowledge the presence of the people who pay their salaries. Customer Service training is definitely in order for EVERYONE that works at this facility.


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