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Dean of Salahden engineering college-Erbil should be prosecuted for killing stray dogs

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This dog was killed In Feb 2017 at College of engineering-Salahadeen University in Erbil - Dean (Ibrahim Ismael Hamarash) ordered  police officers to kill stray dogs living in college campus. According to students, they heard a shooting while they were in class, when they rushed out they saw a dog was shot in the head in college parking lot. These dogs are being there for decades and known for being friendly and unharmful.  No history of dog aggression or attacking students or anybody was been ever reported before. He killed the dogs because he hates them, he claims dogs were dangers, but he has no evidence to prove his claim. I wonder what did they do to this poor dog's body!  the Dean should be prosecuted for his inhumane action and step down his academic position in the university. He shouldn't be teaching he shouldn't get away with his barbaric action. 

(Feb 19, 2017) Thank you everyone for your support please keep sharing with your network so we hit our goal and if possible go beyond that. We need to stand for animals because they can't stand for themselves in the human jungle out there.

(Feb 20, 2017) I found this article in one of popular Kurdish media sources "Rudaw" it was published yesterday and I will give you a summary to the article for those who don't read and write Kurdish. The reporter has interviewed some people and he found out that the police officer who killed this dog has killed 200 dogs since last year. The Dean called the governor of Erbil for help, accordingly the Governor of Erbil, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Municipality of Kurdistan jointly  issued an order to kill college campus dogs. Quoted from the article "كوشتنی ئەو سەگانە بە بڕیاری پارێزگار و وەزارەتی تەندروستی و وەزارەتی شارەوانی بووە". The reporter also says that the only issue with those dogs was that the students and teachers were afraid of them and one of the students fainted just by seeing a dog! While the spokesman of the Ministry of Municipality denies they were informed about the dogs. He says that they were called by the Dean's office to remove the killed dog's body after he was shot in the head.

But does that make sense to kill them? I myself think there are many other ways to handle stray dogs and cats.  They could have been trapped and then surrendered to animal shelters to be spayed/nurtured and then put for adoption. 

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Rest in Peace Doggy


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