We want Alex Karev to be with Meredith Grey, on Grey's Anatomy.

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It has been over two seasons that the writers of Grey's Anatomy have been hinting that Alex and Meredith will get together. However, for some reason, this season barelly has any scenes with them together and seems like it's going on another direction from the one they made us hope for. As you might have seen, it has created a big dissapointment for people who have been watching for the past 14 (!) years.

With this petition, we would like to show them that a very big part of the fans of the show, wants Alex to be with Meredith. When they're together, they have a spark that no one else has on the show. An incredible chemistry that makes one wonder, why on earth they are not a couple. They clearly love each other and they are each other's person and whatever happens, they always end up going above and beyond to make sure their person will be good.

That guy has been through a lot and needs a woman to show him the right way and shed light on his darkness, not with a woman who only cares about herself and constantly creates problems that are putting him into big troube (e.g. jo wilson). Meredith also needs someone to do exactly the same for her. Well, what a coincidence, right ? ;)

Though, with the latest April-Arizona and Maggie-Jackson thing, the writers and producers showed that they clearly don't give a damn about what people want, so this may be a long shot, but at least we can give it a try.


If you empathize with us, spread the word and let our voices be heard.

We are fans, not fools :)