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STOP the Krispy Kreme Nutella Doughnut

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Nut-free bakeries are a rarity. While the allergic community recognizes Krispy Kreme never claimed a true nut-free status, the bakery has been known throughout the allergic community as a safe place for many, if not most, with nut allergies.

Many members of the community did personal trials at their local stores and found their children were able to consume products without reaction.

The addition of the Nutella doughnut will mean nut allergic consumers will no longer view Krispy Kreme as a safe place. We will have no choice but to avoid all Krispy Kreme stores and products due to cross contamination concerns.

We realize this item may be popular. However, we urge Krispy Kreme to consider that the purchase of a few of extra doughnuts on normal orders, or rather, people trading out their old favorite for a new one, will be outweighed by the complete avoidance by an entire, large and growing population. The approximately 300,000 US nut allergic consumers and their families will no longer be Krispy Kreme customers.

Additionally, this will impact schools who do fundraisers with Krispy Kreme, as many are choosing nut-free options as well.

As a community, we recognize no place can ever serve all dietary needs at once. We recognize not every place can go nut-free. This is why this is so important to us. Nearly every other bakery everywhere carries nut products. We have very limited options in this department. We have limited restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops, etc. So when one of our *safe* places becomes unsafe, it is an issue for us.

We hope Krispy Kreme will reconsider.

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