Change the Bishop Dress Code Back to the Way It Was

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Bishop Garcia Diego High School has just added a new rule to their dress code: collared shirts of modest fit, length, and coverage must be worn by its female students, and the only acceptable t-shirts/non-collared tops that can be worn by girls at the school are Bishop t-shirts and college t-shirts. This-adding on to the already existing rules of no shorts, no leggings, and no graphic t-shirts-restricts what female students can wear even further. That is unbelievable, as there are plenty of inoffensive and modest tops out there that are neither collared nor college/Bishop-related (ex. sweaters, flannel, etc.) And in my past two years at Bishop, my friends and I have been able to wear regular t-shirts and other non-collared tops with minimal issue. In fact, most students wear t-shirts or other tops to school. We've been able to wear normal t-shirts and tops in the past and still look clean, neat, and modest. I have spoken with some of the other female students at BDHS, and they all dislike the new rule. Not only that, but it will also be a financial issue as well. Most students (both new and returning) already have wardrobes planned out for the school year. By adding this new rule, the school will force students to have to spend extra money to get new clothes that they otherwise wouldn't have needed.  Therefore, I feel that the necessary course of action is to get rid of the new rule forbidding us from wearing non-collared shirts or any shirt that is not Bishop-related nor College-related; otherwise we are going to be in for a difficult year ahead.

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