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Please Add SAFE EXCHANGE COIN (SAFEX) to Kraken!

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The goal of this petition is to: (1) raise awareness, (2) Convince Kraken to consider/add SAFE EXCHANGE COIN (SAFEX) to their platform! 

SAFE EXCHANGE COIN has a market cap of over $38 million dollars, a 24 hr volume of over $1.4 million dollars, and an active slack community (876 and counting). 


Safe Exchange Coin is a Decentralized Organization
Owning Safe Exchange Coins makes you a part of the Decentralized Organization

Because they are a crypocurrency they offer a number of advantages over other kinds of assets:

They are used in voting on decisions
Can be easily traded and exchanged
Enable earning dividends in real time
They are limited and safe from inflation
Safe Exchange is on a mission
Safe Exchange is on a mission transforming the way people engage in commerce using digital currencies. Today people are often victims to theft and interference when conducting trades and transactions because of a lack of solutions that offer anonymity, untraceable transactions, integrated contracts and trade cleaning.

Safe Exchange is the solution
This is where Safe Exchange comes into play. The Safe Exchange Development Team are building the Chille Blockchain. An anonymous crypto-currency and platform that provides the users with a transferable digital coin as well as a marketplace in which people can buy and sell goods and services without the threat of interference by third parties.

Trade like never before
A solution such as the privacy features installed in the Chille Blockchain; the Safe Exchange offers people privacy, security and liberation. A new beginning.

Safe Exchange Coin is a valuable proposition
Owning Safe Exchange Coin today could be a valuable decision because you earn dividends from the Chille Blockchain automatically for being a member of the organization

For example:
If you are holding 21,474,837 Safe Exchange Coins which is 1% of all the Safe Exchange Coins

And suppose:
when the Chille Blockchain is launched 100,000 of the Chille Coins were granted to the Safe Exchange Coin stake holders

You would receive 1,000 coins from the Chille Blockchain

For more information please go to the official website: 

You can currently buy SAFEX on and on




The prices are still very cheap right now, so do yourself a favor and amass some if you can before the TAKEOFF! 



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