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Make Dog Meat Trades Priority Agenda for 2017 World Congress for Korean Politics & Society

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The Organizing Committee of the World Congress 2017 (Korean Political Science Association): Rebuild ‘trust’ by removing the ‘obstacles’ of the dog and cat meat trades. Make this a priority Agenda Item for the upcoming World Congress for Korean Politics and Society.

Dear The Organizing Committee of the World Congress 2017,

Your forthcoming World Congress for Korean Politics and Society (June 22-24, Seoul, South Korea) notes its theme as being one to rebuild "Trust in Peace and Democracy”.   Scholars and professionals will be brought together from around the world to discuss “innovative ways” of overcoming the “serious obstacles to political stability, economic justice, and social integration”. 

In preparation for this event, we ask you to, please, take a minute to watch these videos of South Korea’s dog meat industry:

Given the growing strength of opposition to the dog and cat meat trades, both within South Korea and throughout the world, this Congress represents a unique opportunity to achieve its objective of rebuilding trust and strengthening social integration, by supporting and finding a way to put a permanent end to the dog and cat meat trades - unregulated trades that are promoted by archaic beliefs that eating dog meat products enhances male virility, amongst other fallacies.   Aberrant trades in which dogs and cats are forced to endure unimaginable torment and deprivation from the moment they are born until the day they are barbarically slaughtered.  These animals are imprisoned in cramped cages with no access to water or exercise, they are hanged, beaten or burnt to death, often in front of other deeply distressed animals, due to the misguided, and disproved, belief that the more the animal suffers the more it increases the health benefits to the consumer.

Dog meat consumption is currently illegal in South Korea, yet despite indigenous and international opposition it is allowed to continue. The majority of South Korean citizens do not want to be associated with the consumption of companion animals, and the brutal slaughter of dogs across South Korea is severely tarnishing (whether justifiably or not) the names of leading South Korean companies. Indeed there are a growing number of international campaigns to boycott South Korean goods and tourism until the government puts an end to these abhorrent trades.

In addition to the many social, environmental, and health problems associated with dog meat consumption, it is also in South Korea’s interests to end these trades as the world will not stop its condemnation for such unchecked cruelty.   I therefore urge you to, please, take this opportunity to help bring an end to the inhumanity of the dog and cat meat trades by supporting their abolition.

South Korea has many noble and admirable customs worth promoting and preserving - the torture and consumption of companion animals is not one of them.

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