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Nearing 2000!!! Making it clear we support women in gaming.

Mark Kern
Irvine, CA, United States

Feb 18, 2015 — Yesterday was another day of hard lessons. Again, my poor petition writing skills lead to ambiguity which upset many women and men who felt that it trivialized the issue of women in gaming or worse, actively worked to try to sweep harassment under the rug. This is not the intention, and I've amended the petition to more clearly reflect this. I apologize, esp to the women who were affected by this.

I support women in gaming, and I'll let you know my own experiences. Some have asked why there are no women portraits on my company page. First, its because the page is incomplete (I have 3 women contributing to the startup and men who are not listed), but second is a real life lesson. I had an unfortunate incident where I had women portraits on my last company website. For whatever reason on a forum, the women (and men, but esp the women) started receiving harassment on the way they looked. Then the harassment escalated to speculation on their personalities and sexual aspects. It was horrible, and one woman was so badly harassed that we decided to take her picture down from our site...and she never wants it there again.

This petition is not just about yellow journalism in gaming press, but also about how such journalism does nothing to solve this type of harassment. Instead, it drives people apart, trying to put them into boxes or labels and pit them against each other for nothing other than traffic and profit. To solve these issues, the press has to bring us together, positively and constructively, with serious journalism. Only that way can we all come together and solve these types of serious issues in games. Kotaku and Polygon, lets not start with "games are bad and getting worse" lets start with "games are great, and can even be better." Lets talk about and solve these issues, instead of focusing on how we're yelling at each other for cheap clicks.

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