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All electronic musicians of these days must thanks Korg for the effort to offer versatile hardware instruments at cheap prices leading a new and growing market of affordable and modern hardware devices for Out of The Box productions and live shows.

On this view Gadget app. has been developed as a brilliant paradigm of what a simple and focused and portable DAW can offer today to electronics musician without involving cumbersome hardwares or complex and demanding softwares.

Despite numerous request appereaded on Gadget support forums from 2015, Korg still refuse to close the circle between their software and hadware efforts giving gadget the ability to sequence external gears via midi out.

If we all know and appreciate the attitude of korg to encourage users to self develop  new solutions by printing functions on PCB on their instruments, we could also blame it for preserving Gadget on its own musical island without the ability to comunicate properly with other gears, and most to sequence them, as can be seen on a video where they rely on a third party sequencer app to drive their flagship hardware polysinth

Since the programming effort to implement a midi-out gadget is minimun while the impact of this option on OTB workflow for many Gadget users will be HUGE i wish they could consider it for the next upgrade of this amazing app, even as a paid option.

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