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KONNOAK HILLS OPPOSES an Auto Repair Business across from its Main Neighborhood Entrance!

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The KHCA: Konnoak Hills Community Association needs your support in OPPOSING the W3331 ZONING CASE that is requesting the property at 300 West Clemmonsville Rd (the former Konnoak Texaco station) be re-zoned from RS9--Residential to GB,S--General Business-Special Use, so that an "Auto Repair and Maintenance Business" can open up at the corner of Konnoak Drive and West Clemmonsville Rd.  If this zoning change is permitted, then high-traffic and high-impact businesses will be permitted across from the MAIN ENTRANCE to KONNOAK HILLS, a residential neighborhood in South Winston-Salem established in 1929, and also affecting the neighborhoods along West Clemmonsville Road from South Main Street to Peters Creek Parkway.

The KHCA needs hundreds of signers to this Petition by 12 NOON on FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2017--so these PETITION signatures can be submitted to the Winston-Salem City Council BEFORE the W3331 Public Hearing before the City Council on MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 2017, 7:00 PM, City Hall, Rm. 230, 101 N. Main St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

TEN REASONS for OPPOSING the W3331 ZONING CASE regarding the Old Konnoak Texaco Station at 300 West Clemmonsville Road:

(1)  The Konnoak Hills and immediate surrounding neighborhood areas are already saturated with nine (9) Auto Service and Repair businesses and do not need or want another AUTO REPAIR--MAINTENANCE BUSINESS adjacent to the entrance and neighborhood of Konnoak Hills.  Just one block east of the West Clemmonsville Rd property is a SPEEDWAY gas and convenience station, the Konnoak Shell Station, and the Auto Club repair/maintenance business.  Three blocks to the west is the Konnoak Brake Service.  Going less than a quarter mile south on South Main Street is Ray's Auto Shop. Going less than a quarter of a mile west to Peters Creek Parkway are the Quality Mart gas station and convenience store, Mock Tire & Automative Company, Pfaff's Auto Glass business, and a BP gas station and convenience store.  

FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF NINE (9) AUTO SERVICE and REPAIR businesses either directly adjacent or within a quarter of a mile of the Konnoak Hills Community.

(2) When the new I-40 closed the previous north main entrance to Konnoak Hills at Corporation Parkway and Konnoak Drive, the main entrance to the KONNOAK HILLS Community has now become the SOUTH entrance at Konnoak Drive and West Clemmonsville Rd.  Aesthetically, the Konnoak Hills Community Association does not want an AUTO REPAIR--MAINTENANCE BUSINESS to be the focal point at the entrance to its neighborhood area--since Konnoak Hills has been in a continual struggle over the past several years to maintain its property values (especially given the drastic devaluation of Konnoak Hills property values in the 2013 County Tax Reappraisal).

(3) Since the South Suburban Area Plan was approved, the recommendation regarding future zoning at the 300 West Clemmonsville Rd. property is no longer valid for two major reasons:

     (a) The West Clemmonsville Rd Expansion has permanently changed the entire
look and environment of the West Clemmonsville Rd. area, where the surrounding neighborhoods want to maintain a residential neighborhood look and feel (not a progressing strip row of businesses).

      (b) The old Area Plan recommendation for 300 West Clemmonsville Rd. has already been challenged by the Konnoak Hills Community in the four (4) 2017 South Suburban Area Plan UPDATE sessions held this spring, where Konnoak Hills Community members
are requesting that that all current business and office areas adjacent to Konnoak Hills only be considered for neighborhood friendly business and office future zoning (which is a lesser intensity zoning than General Business--Special Use), except for the main business activity directly facing the intersection at Clemmonsville Rd. and South Main Street, if the current residential zoning should be challenged in the future.

(4) This property has always been zoned RS9--Residential even when it was used as a Texaco gas station for 37 years--since it was designated as a "non-conforming business" in a residentially zoned area--because at one point this gas station was located in the COUNTY not the City.

(5) Since 2011, this property has been vacant because of the West Clemmonsville Rd. Expansion project when 15 feet (almost half of the front of the property) was purchased by the City for the West Clemmonsville Rd. Expanision Project.  Since this property has been vacant for longer than one year (actually six [6] years), the property has now lost
its NON-CONFORMING ZONING rights to have any type of business on this property.

(6) When the gas tanks at 300 West Clemmonsville Rd. were dug up secondary to the West Clemmonsville Rd. Expansion, the property owners found that gasoline had leaked over the years into the surrounding underground area.  As a result, this property has now become a HAZARDOUS WASTE SITE and is still designated HIGH RISK!  Supposedly, the gross contaminated dirt was removed after the gas tanks were removed.  However, it has been reported that the ground water is contaminated and supposedly is being monitored by the State. (The KHCA is in the process of locating the official NC State environmental reports for 300 W. Clemmonsville Rd.)

(7) The Konnoak Hills and Surrounding Area Neighborhoods are trying to determine just how dangerous the 300 West Clemmonsville Rd property really is to its surrounding neighbors from ground water and/or vapor contamination secondary to the leaking gas tanks.  As such, this site may need more indefinite testing to make it safe for any sort of business or residential purpose. Therefore, probably no one is safe to be on this property at this point in time.

(8) The proposed AUTO REPAIR--MAINTENANCE BUSINESS does not plan to close down the driveway exiting to West Clemmonsville Rd.  Given that this proposed business is described as a JIFFY LUBE-type business, such businesses at times can have a high volume of customers and would have a negative impact to the already high-volume of traffic on West Clemmonsville Rd, since this driveway is only a few feet from the intersection of West Clemmonsville Rd. and Konnoak Dr.

(9) An initial W3331 Neighborhood Zoning Meeting was held on April 25, 2017, and of the neighbors who attended including two for the property owners--73% of these neighbors opposed changing the RS9--Residential Zoning to GB, S--General Business Special-Use for all of the above reasons. (The property owners and the auto repair business man with an option to buy this property were also in attendance.)

A second W3331 Neighborhood Zoning Meeting is being held on THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 2017, 6:00 PM, at the Georgia Taylor Recreation Center, 1471 W. Clemmonsville Rd, and is being sponsored by the SE Ward City Council Member James Taylor.  We need 100's of neighbors to attend in order to help gain Mr. Taylor's support in opposing this W3331 Zoning Case.

(10) As of May 11, 2017 in preparation for the City-County Planning Board Meeting,
212 Petition signatures both online and door-to-door were obtained.  Unfortunately, these Petition signatures and the good contingent of neighbors who came out for the May 11th City-County Planning Board Meeting for the W3331 Public Hearing were still not enough to dissuade the Planning Board from voting in favor of the Petitioner—that is, agreeing that this property should be re-zoned to General Business—Special Use for Autos, Repair, and Maintenance.

Therefore, WE MUST DOUBLE THESE PETITION SIGNATURES before the W3331 Zoning Case goes before the City Council as of AUGUST 7, 2017. 
Please SIGN this PETITION ONLINE by 12 NOON--FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2017.



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