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Produce an animated movie and/or anime series based on the Genso Suikoden video games.

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The Genso Suikoden series, particularly Suikoden I and II have captured the hearts of gamers ever since they were released by Konami. What makes Suikoden fantastic and unique compared to other similar games, is that it is both entertaining and emotionally gratifying on such a level that has rarely been seen in video games since. Suikoden's depth is much better compared to a great novel than a video game, with its captivating story, complex characters, great dialogue, political dilemmas,  and some truly heart-wrenching scenes that has stayed with the fans of the series for over a decade. 

Konami produced the Silent Hill movie, which had a 2006 premiere. They are planning a Metal-Gear Solid move, and a Castlevania movie is in the works. Suikoden is the last of the great Konami successes that have yet to recieve any such treatment. I believe it is about time. 

This petition joins the rank of the numerous pleas of Suikoden's revival to Konami of recent date. Best known of these are the wonderful work of the Suikoden Revival Movement, and Operation Blinking Mirror. One day our many voices will be heard, and Konami will give in to our honest hope of the ressurection of the greatest role-playing video games of all time - in one way or the other. 

- I have linked the opening for Suikogaiden vol. 1, to demonstrate the style of anime Konami already has developed for Genso Suikoden - 


With the best wishes of a very Suikoden future, may you all find your 108 stars.

Kristina Naustdal

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