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Konami: We want a New Silent Hill Game

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There isn't a video game series quite like the first four Silent Hill Games. These games masterfully blend together elements of horror, action, human emotion, and mystery that constantly keep the player on edge and always wanting to continue forward to solve the mysteries and challenges the games represent.  Throughout the series, the players become emotionally attached to the main protagonists in a way very few games have ever managed to achieve. Just think back on the emotional journey you took with James Sunderland searching for his wife throughout the foggy town of Silent Hill or all the Challenges Heather faced and overcame in Silent Hill 3. In the end these games manage to feel like amazing stories or movies unfolding before the player in a fresh and dramatic way.

It's been almost five years since Konami has released a Silent Hill game and its been 14 years since the release of the last critically acclaimed Silent Hill game(Silent Hill 3). I know I want a new Silent Hill game akin to the originals and I know the fans want this as well based on their support of other past Silent Hill petitions, so I urge Konami to listen to the huge amount of Silent Hill fans throughout the world and finally make a new Silent Hill game. I guarantee if you make a new Silent Hill game that's good, it will help your company fiscally and improve your reputation by giving the fans of the series exactly what they want.

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