Blaan. Spell it Right. Say it Right. No apostrophe anywhere.

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We are Blaan. We are one of the Indigenous Peoples Groups of the Philippines with distinctive and thriving culture in south central Mindanao long before the coming of the migrant settlers. Blaan is not only the name of our IP Group but it is also the name of our language.

For so long, so many people have written about us and have referenced Blaan by so many names, mis-spelling our name leading to mis-pronunciation, and the worst is that we are referred to a name "Bilaan" consciously used to discriminate our cultural identity by so many non-Blaans. 

The Blaan spelling advocacy is driven by the passion of younger generation Blaans to correct this problem starting from the wrong spelling in the national records of the government. We wanted to assert who we are as a people starting from our name...our cultural identifier. We would like to make this advocacy as an appeal to Local Government Units and concerned agencies of the government (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, National Library of the Philippines, National Commission for Indigenous Peoples, National Commission for the Culture and the Arts) to change the spelling from "B'laan, Bilaan, Bilanes, Biraan, etc." to our rightful name Blaan so that future official declaration and or publications will reflect the name Blaan. We hope that our IP leaders (Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives, Tribal Councils) will take the action to come up with a petition as well. If we truly care about cultural heritage preservation, we can start from the very basic one ... our name. We might not be able to correct all the "references" about the Blaan in published books/articles/official declarations before, but we can prevent the wrong promotion of the wrong spelling of the Blaan in the future. We just need to put a stop to it and do it right. BLAAN.