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Kojima Productions LA studio: Keep the core elements of MGO still in place

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(CQC, knife, being able to customize characters, have multiple character slots, 3rd person, the skill system, for players to make their own lobbies and customize it).

While they say it wasn't popular in America and Europe we have seen many people spend a great deal of time on it, becoming a daily must-play, forming friendships and even relationships because of it. The style of MGO was utterly unique and no other Multiplayer fills its space. We think it's vital that lobby mechanics are kept the same/customizable, having the choice of which weapons can be used, and even not to use any (CQC only) as one of it's most desirable features was that you had the choice not to fight. You could use it to talk with friends and literally level up skills while other people were stunning or killing each other (With regards to CQC/Knife rooms). Now that it is being handed over, many are scared of how it will turn out.

Survival was a great part of it, earning rewards/prizes to customize your character further, though many feel it would be better if it was a co-op based event rather than PvP to stop some of the need for exploits, however some loved it competitive, but hated the cheating. We feel the only downfall it and MGO had in general were the glitchers/Lagswitchers/Mao and the general lag glitches that players would abuse to their advantage. (Unless you used it yourself, of course.)

I don't know if this will change anything, but if someone out there of whom is involved is reading this, please take these things into consideration. We do not need another COD or the likes, so please keep the fun social and special elements of MGO alive in this new production.

If anyone wishes to add/take away any of the things mentioned, please also state your opinions/feelings.

Thank you all for your time!x <3

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