Bring back Dynasty Warriors Online: English Server

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On Janurary 10th 2014, KOEI Techmo Games ended the North America server for Dynasty Warriors: Online. 

With the closure of this server, many fans of the series and this game were left without an option to enjoy the online Dynasty Warriors universe, whereas other Global servers remain open and live. Since the servers closure, the desire for this game to return has only grown. 

We are starting this petition to facilitate KOEI Techmo Games consideration in bringing back the North America server or starting a new server. A large following desires this game to return with the prospect of being able to work together with, battle against, and build relations between players of the many kingdoms of Shu, Wu, Wei, and others. We long for the invigorating battles of Showdowns, the ever-fulfilling climb of Kunlun Mountain, and joy of creating our own characters in the Dynasty Warriors universe and fighting for our kingdoms of choice. 

With the recent release of Dynasty Warriors 9, the desire for an online multiplayer option for the Dynasty Warriors lineage of games is ever so clear. 

The return of the Dynasty Warriors Online North America server would be a dawn of a new era. With the growing demand in player-vs-player games like Fortnite, Overwatch, PubG, and other arena style games, Dynasty Warriors Online would truly shine among these titles.

Dynasty Warriors Online offers: 

- Complete character customization (face, hair, body, and armor)

- In-depth crafting system for weapons and armor

- Player vs player options with a broad scale of options, from 1 versus 1 player to 24 players vs 24 players. Arena style or conquer style

- Full immersion into the Dynasty Warriors Universe

- The ability to play and take part in the military campaigns of ancient generals and participate how the player pleases 

- The opportunity to work together for a greater good, set goals, meet goals, and further refine gamers ability to work as a team. 

- Versatile housing system with pets, customization, and storage. 

For the reasons above and many more, we, the Dynasty Warriors North America fan base believes it is an optimal time to re-open a North American server for Dynasty Warriors Online. Dynasty Warriors Online offers arena, conquer, and large scale play systems that appeals to players of many genres along with vast character customization options and weapon crafting mechanics. 

We ask for your signature, whether you are a casual Dynasty Warriors fan, a longtime fan, someone looking for nostalgia from previous games, a player new to DW, or a voracious general ready to fight for their choice of thr Three Kingdoms. Please, help us bring back this truly unique, content rich, and community rich game.