Make Kmart Mums Australia gender inclusive

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Recently, the World has been undergoing a paradigm shift, with discrimination based on gender, age, race, sex, religion being less and less accepted, and becoming a subject more and more spoken about. Daily we hear about people refused service or goods or jobs based on who they are, and we see companies, organisations and people backtracking on their actions as a result of public outcry.

At the same time, the makeup of our households is changing. Women are working, men are staying at home, men are loving men, women are loving women, and gender ambiguity is becoming more and more popular and accepted. Great, brilliant! Congratulations World, you’re doing well.

We look down on the Middle East because of their attitudes to women, we speak out about the employment of predominately male Boards, governments, management teams, we protest gender pay gaps.


 But men can still not become part of facebook’s Kmart Mums. Why does my genitalia or the socially perceived gender of my name mean I am automatically not allowed to share design advice with likeminded adults?


It’s time this changed. Kmart Mums? It’s 2018 - how about Kmart adults?

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