Bring back Josh from Kmart

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On 1st January 2018, our beloved Josh was brutally murdered by the Kmart Customer Service managers. He was quickly replaced by Ben. Ben's trolley safety message is long and drawn out. Josh's sweet voice echoed through the hallowed walls of Kmarts around Australia and New Zealand. If you shop at Kmart and hate the sound of Ben's voice, sign this petition to help bring our Josh back.

"Hi kids, I'm Josh. I work here at Kmart and I just wanted to let you know we've got heaps of fun things to play with. But unfortunately, your mum and dad's trolley isn't one of them. In fact, heaps of kids get hurt falling from trolleys every year, some of them even end up in hospital. We'd hate for that to happen to you so please don't stand up, climb over or ride on the outside of your mum and dad's trolley. And mum and dad, please keep an eye on your little ones at all times."


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