KAREA: Please Replace Paragon with Matrix MLS System

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The decision to adopt the Paragon MLS system for the Kingston and Area Real Estate Association (KAREA) has adversely affected Realtors, Appraisers, Brokers, neighbouring Real Estate Associations, and worst of all, customers and clients. 

In 2018, it is more important than ever to be connected, inclusive, and accessible! The Kingston and Area Real Estate Association Realtors are essentially isolated from all of our neighbouring Real Estate Boards (eg: Quinte, Rideau, Durham, Ottawa, to name a few). These neighbours ALL share data and access on the Matrix MLS System. In choosing to use Paragon, KAREA members have lost the ability to share and connect with neighbouring boards leaving them completely isolated. This negatively impacts Realtors ability to market homes, Appraisers ability to search accurate comparable sales, and as a result, negatively impacts customers and clients. 

The great news is that ALL of our neighbours use the same system, MATRIX! 

KAREA: Please immediately take action to replace Paragon with the Matrix MLS System. If this petition isn’t enough evidence or does not meet a requirement to begin this process, please hold a referendum/vote as soon as possible. The winter season is the ideal time to make this change in order to have salespersons familiar and prepared for Spring 2019!

Realtors Unite! Although at times we are competitors, ultimately we must work together in order to be most effective! 


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