Petition to remodel King Ranger movie theatre in Seguin, TX

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For the past several years, a large portion of Seguin residents have felt the need to travel to surrounding cities such as New Braunfels and San Marcos when having a desire to see a new movie. This is due to the fact that Seguin’s very own(King Ranger) simply cannot compete with the other theatres such as Creekside Cinemas & Alamo Drafthouse of New Braunfels, or StarPlex 12 and The Spot Cinema of San Marcos. King Ranger has made a few adjustments/changes in past years but still has not caught the attention of very many residents as their style can still be seen as too old and shabby with limited food options-compared to other theatres where unique designs are in place along with large varieties of snacks and drinks, making them significantly more approachable to their customers, including us Seguin residents.

Despite the many negatives that can be drawn from King Ranger’s image; It is still very fixable! If King Ranger were to be remodeled and turned into the new and improved theatre that I along with other citizens have been waiting to see, large amounts of money would be saved for you and I as we would no longer have to make 20-30 minute drives to other cities just to see a movie! Expanding the food variety, adding other activites(advanced arcade, bowling, sports bar, etc...), and changing the current layout into a more modernized setting, are just to name a few changes that could take place. 


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