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Inquiry for Increased Patrolling by King County Sheriff Office / Kent Police Department

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The street racing that over the years has taken place in Southwestern King County, WA, specifically in Kent's warehouse district has been well-documented by reputable media outlets. However, the residential area noted in the attached image, delineated by SE 192th street and 148th Ave SE of Renton, and SE 208th street and 108th/104th avenue SE of Kent, WA has for some time become the setting where both high-powered motorcycles and other larger, modified vehicles race and maneuver. Such hazardous and equally high-sounding activities are materializing during the late P.M. and/or early A.M. hours of both weekday and weekend nights, with a noticeable increase on the latter. Neighbors within the above-described area; many whom like myself are head of households with children, have managed to communicate their distress to both emergency and non-emergency contact numbers of the bodies of law enforcement of jurisdiction; King County Sheriff's Office, and Kent Police Department. Nonetheless, in the eyes of the community, there has not been a perceived decrease. Quite contrarily, the racing has intensified, as civilians themselves have clocked speeds of over 100 MPH with the assistance of amateur radar guns. Those same community members have also noticed that even immediately after reporting the risk these activities are obviously posing to their family members, homes and the general public domain, there continues to be a lack in the police presence necessary to dissuade vehicular traffic at such high speeds. The community herein represented is requesting increased patrolling, posting of "No Racing" signs with impending fines, along with the installation of speed zones with surveillance and/or speed bumps in this densely populated area in order to dissuade participants, and subsequently prevent the loss of more lives, specifically on 140th/132nd Ave SE and 148th Ave SE and further damage to public and private property.  

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