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Kinder Joy STOP the plastic toys, excessive packaging and artificial flavors.

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We are calling on the Kinder Joy makers (Ferrero) to stop the excessive, unnecessary plastic packaging and plastic toys that are polluting our environment and harming our children’s health.

The plastic pollution problem worldwide has reached horrendous levels, with our landfills brimming with plastic, our oceans suffocating with single use disposables and lot of animals dying because of mistaking all of the plastic waste for food. If we keep producing (and failing to properly dispose of) plastics at predicted rates, plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish pound for pound in 2050. Not only this but our health is also being affected by the toxic nature of these plastics as it finds it's way into our soil and food chain.

Kinder Joy is a single serving, plastic egg-shaped package that opens into two halves. One sealed half contains layers of cocoa and milk-flavored cream topped with two cocoa wafer spheres, to be eaten with an included plastic spoon. The other half contains plastic toy parts that have to be assembled by kids. The toys are mostly one time use and throw variety.

We all want to make sure we leave behind a healthy plastic-free planet for the next generations. Our Earth can’t afford any more plastic!

Parents this is our opportunity to TELL Kinder Joy to STOP dumping single use plastics in the name of creating affectionate moments for parents and children. We have to tell Kinder Joy to be transparent about their ingredient list including the source of milk and artificial flavors.

Ferrero- Kinder Joy invest in better packaging with sustainable plant-based paper wrappers that can be composted easily at homes.

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