Aussie Parents Demand a Recall of New Huggies Nappies

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Huggies have released a "new and improved" range of disposable nappies. Parents were excited to see the Disney designs on the products they trust and love.  Within days (sometimes hours)  of using the new nappies, babies have broken out in horrible rashes. These babies have never before had issues like this, and more than 600 parents have had to seek medical advice and treatment for their bubs. Doctors have diagnosed babies with chemical burns,  impetigo and contact dermatitis requiring prescription treatment. 

Huggies seemed concerned at first, offering visa gift cards and asking that nappies be sent back to them for testing.  Parents were told they could have the results of the testing, but huggies have failed to provide anything besides a statement blaming parents for confusing the term "chemical burns" with "nappy rash" and assuring everyone that the nappies are safe,  and we are all blaming the nappies for something that has been caused by something else. 

We currently have a group of 2500+ members demanding Huggies recall these harmful nappies,  and would appreciate your support in getting them to take them off the shelves.

Huggies nappies recently went on sale in most stores,  which is disturbing as unsuspecting parents may be attracted to these sales. These injuries are disturbing and sometimes taking weeks to heal after switching nappy brands and we don't want any more babies to get hurt. We currently have government departments investigating,  and we would appreciate your signature on our petition to provide information to other people that can help us make this right.