Father of 7 receives 30 year sentence for non-violent offense

Father of 7 receives 30 year sentence for non-violent offense

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Hello everyone. The cause of this petition is to address and lessen the dramatic impact of a prison sentence implemented from a criminal justice system filled with racial bias and disparities. By no means is this an attempt to persuade innocence nor glorify the acts committed to be righteous.

On 9/24/2013 DEA agents executed a search warrant for my 2 bedroom apartment. About 20 agents ransacked the apartment and announced they found 5 grams of heroin.  was arrested, taken out of my jurisdiction and later learned I was being charged with Conspiracy to Distribute a kilogram or more of heroin due to hearsay. Following even more hearsay, the government issued a superseding indictment adding Possession of a firearm simply from someone saying they'd seen me with a gun before. Even though agents found nothing more than 5 grams of heroin and NO firearm on my person, residence or anywhere linked to me period! I was still charged with Conspiracy to Distribute a kilogram or more of heroin AND Possession of a firearm, which lead to a 30 year sentence.

My case was a perfect playground for any competent defense attorney working on behalf of their client. During the pre-trial phase of my case I didn't know the attorney paid to represent me (Todd Baldwin) would later join forces with the government writing an affidavit against me to help them uphold the conviction. Mr. Baldwin's actions are proven facts that he never held my best interest at hand and took advantage of the lack of knowledge I possessed of the federal system.

The government practically backed me into a corner with an ultimatum using my lawyer as the ultimate persuader to get me to accept a plea deal for 15 years or risk receiving a life sentence that the government was requesting. Acknowledging I was outmatched without the proper resources to take on the federal government, I reluctantly accepted the plea in hopes of being able to see at least 1 of my 7 beautiful kids graduate from high school. Upon sentencing I realized my lawyers calculations were way off. In fact, the judge DOUBLED the sentence my defense lawyer had me anticipating. Also, despite the presentence investigator reporting "there are no codefendants or cases related to this offense" and the DEA case agent indicating I was known to be an "independent distributor with no know subordinates" ,I was still charged and convicted of conspiracy. ( Note: there were no audio or video surveillance produced that reflected the alleged acts of my conviction.)

Almost everyday men, women, and even children are being herded into courtrooms across America with the odds stacked against them due to elaborated charges. powerless against malicious prosecutors with unlimited resources and overwhelming budgets being used as weapons or tools to obtain and uphold their conviction percentage while caring less if a person is actually guilty or innocent. Meanwhile extorting lives with lengthy prison sentences that force people into erroneous plea deals.

I understand people need to be held accountable for their actions, but giving a person 20,30 years and even life sentences (in some cases) for non violent offenses is more like overkill opposed to justice. One could easily imply that these draconian sentences are more detrimental than the actual committed offense. Leaving little to no room left in a persons life to prove that it doesn't take decades in prison to resurrect positive change in a human being.

I'm a 40 year old man, husband, and father of 7 beautiful kids. I've been incarcerated almost 6 years now on a 30 year sentence. Unfortunately there have been times where ii sought refuge in selling drugs. In some instances selling drugs appeared to be a life jacket in drowning waters helping me keep my family afloat. As a man I understand the reasons, but I'm not proud of my actions. There are no excuses for the decisions I've made. Just circumstances of my reality.

In reference to sentencing, there are many factors that REALLY need to be taken into consideration instead of a "one size fits most" system. One persons prolonged prison sentence impacts countless of other lives, feeding a cycle that will only continue to destroy our families which impacts our communities. The justice system has been crucifying too many of us for too long using tools like (but not limited to) made up conspiracies and even penalizing us for uncharged conduct.

For example and sadly. This case highlights the death of 3 individuals where drugs played a contributing factor to their demise. Medical examiners reported 2 of the individuals cause of death derived from a combination, or mixture of different substances that created a lethal cocktail, while the third cause of death was ruled drowning. The supreme court unanimously ruled that a defendant shall not be charged with a person or users death unless it is precise that the individual died from a "independent cause" from the accused and NOT a contributing factor.

Even though I wasn't convicted of the deaths nor was it concise that I was the actual source of the individuals final dosage that contributed to their demise; The courts made it clear that the sole purpose of this prison sentence was to bring closure to the individuals families, while using me as an example to send a message throughout the courts jurisdiction. Not justice! Despite the supreme court ruling the previous described to be unconstitutional. The sentencing court used deliberate deception penalizing me for those uncharged events which enhanced the prison sentence. (Note: one month prior to my sentencing. Same courthouse. Same offense. Different race with 4 prior felonies, received a 12 year sentence whereas I received a 30 year sentence!) The disparities are real!!!

It's time for a new day! Remaining silent on these issues will only make matters worse. Together we can make a difference. It's time for a more well balanced justice system where the time for the crime isn't a mix match. I've created this petition in hopes of receiving "stout legal help" in challenging the many discrepancies within my case, or even obtain enough signatures to gain the attention of the president in regards of a computation to my sentence along with taking a deeper look into an unjust justice system. I would like to set the tone, righting my wrongs by proving many of us behind these walls are worthy of giving another chance to apply productivity and growth outside these walls repaying our debt to society.

I hope this briefing has been informing. If you feel now is time for change and don't agree with the lock them up and throw away the key mentality PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. " The future depends on what we do now"

Thank you and God bless

To cross reference or learn more about this case simply google Eugene Williams.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!