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Support for the Spicewood Elementary Civil War Reenactment by 5th Graders

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Spicewood Elementary has over the past several years held a Civil War Reenactment of the Pickett's Charge wherein 5th graders are divided as Northerners or Southerners in their role play. As part of the IB Curriculum they learn about the Civil War and how it impacted everyone in a very unique way. Just as during the American Civil War, brother became pitted against brother, and friend against friend, the students learn the impact of the Civil war on lives and history. Students were able to make meaningful connections; they discussed how people were affected by the war as well as how it led to the Emancipation Proclamation.

On the day of the enactment, the students dress in paper hats and Grey or Blue shirts to show the team they belong to (Which may or may not be embellished based on the students choice) and they use flour bags to represent bullets. 

This has been along held spicewood tradition that students look forward to in their 5th grade. The younger siblings have had the chance to see the reenactment performed by the older siblings and actively look forward to when they can perform it. 

We recently learned that the school has decided to forego the Civil War Reenactment. We, the parents (5th graders as well as younger grades) would like to show that we support the continuation of the civil war reenactment at spicewood. Please sign this petition to show your support in continuation of the Civil War Reenactment and in keeping this long held spicewood elementary tradition.


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