Installation of a POSB ATM machine and AXS or SAM machine at the Sembawang CC

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For years the residents of Montreal Drive have been deprived of a POSB ATM and an AXS or SAM machine in the vicinity of Montreal Drive.

This petition is to reach out to the Sembawang GRC MP Mr Khaw Boon Wan, the Sembawang Town Council, the Sembawang Zone K town council, AXS, Singapore Post, DBS Bank and POSB Bank to come together and work on installing the basic amenities for the residents and community in Montreal Drive. 

The nearest place to withdraw money and pay bills for the residents in Montreal Drive right now is the Sembawang MRT station. It takes each resident an approximate 20mins to get to the station to utilise these machines

After conducting a focus poll on facebook with the residents of 593A Montreal Link  in April 2018, the results show that all residents of 593A Montreal Link would like to have an AXS or SAM machine and POSB ATM machine in Sembawang CC.


Please sign this petition and encourage the relevant companies to carry out these installations of a POSB ATM machine and an AXS or SAM machine and make life easier for all residents in the Montreal Drive community. 

This petition will be kept open to generate more signatures till the residents of Montreal Link get some answers to the installation request of the POSB ATM machines and the AXS or SAM machines in Sembawang CC.