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City of San Juan Capistrano - Stop Spraying Our Playgrounds & Parks with Toxic Pesticides!

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Did you know that all of San Juan Capistrano's playgrounds, parks and athletic fields where our children play are sprayed with carcinogenic and toxic pesticides.  Our children and pets are being directly exposed to these toxins for purely cosmetic reasons (weed abatement). 

Here is an informative 3 min video from Non Toxic Irvine's advisor, Dean Baker, MD, MPH UCI Director, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Epidemiology: Pesticide Exposure In Children  

We had a positive meeting with Mayor Ferguson February 28th, and we appreciate that she took the time to meet with us and hear our concerns.  The Mayor was joined by Steve May and Rod Hamilton from SJC's Public Works Department who were receptive, but unfortunately shared that it would take over two months to get back to us.    

We can't afford to wait two months.  The rain we have experienced recently is creating a "weed explosion".  The City landscape contract is with Marina Landscape.  We pulled their usage reports, and we know they will attack our "weed explosion" with Roundup (glyphosate) and Speedzone (2,4-D/Agent Orange).  Directly exposing countless numbers of our children and pets to these carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting pesticides for cosmetic reasons!   

Below is an email that we received from Rod Hamilton from SJC's Public Works Department:

"Appreciate your voice message. Please note though, we’ll need to follow our schedule we talked about yesterday. In approximately two months, we intend to have a report and potential recommendations ready for review. I will keep you in the loop, as we progress."

"I would much rather look at a dandelion than a child with cancer." - concerned parent

We need the City of San Juan Capistrano to take immediate action to prevent this imminent exposure of our children from happening.  We are asking the City of SJC to make the health of our children their priority over weed control by banning these now known carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting toxic pesticides.  While the list of countries that have banned Roundup (glyphosate) keeps growing due to its health risks, here in SJC our children are being directly exposed to them for purely cosmetic reasons (weed abatement). The Netherlands, France, Sweden, and now Italy are just a few of the countries that have banned Roundup (glyphosate).

These pesticides have been shown to cause cancer, lower IQ, damage developing reproductive organs and cause other significant harm.

March 29, 2015, the World Health Organization declared that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, probably causes cancer in humans. Despite this grave warning, the City of SJC continues to spray Roundup (glyphosate) and 2,4-D in our parks, playgrounds and sports fields. Children are at greater risk because they are developing very rapidly, and have special “windows of vulnerability”. The effects of exposure to these pesticides may have an impact on organs, which are developing, on systems and functions, which are maturing, and on the developmental process of growth.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that there is no safe level of pesticide exposure for children. Pesticides are toxic chemicals, poisons created to kill. They are dangerous for all living things, including adults and pregnant women, and are particularly dangerous to a child’s developing organ systems.

Why are our children being subjected to these risks? Answer = Purely for cosmetic landscaping purposes, i.e. to kill weeds. Dandelions do not pose a risk to children, but 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid does. 2,4-D is one of the key ingredients in Agent Orange, and is another one of many pesticides frequently used for cosmetic landscaping in SJC. This includes playgrounds, athletic fields, and parks. This must stop. 

THE Jane Goodall recently showed her support for our non-toxic movement when she released a quote in support of our partners, Non Toxic Irvine:
"Time and science are revealing just how harmful these toxins can be to humans, animals and the entire ecosystem. It's encouraging to know that there are people working to stop the use of pesticides in their communities. In Irvine, California, a group called Non Toxic Irvine is doing good work to make this change by engaging in a dialogue with their City's leaders. I hope people all over the world will be moved to take similar action." - Jane Goodall

"By allowing children to be exposed to toxins or chemicals of unknown toxicity, we are unwittingly using our children in a massive experiment." - Non Toxic Advisor, Bruce Lanphear MD

We are asking the SJC's City Council to immediately ban the use of Roundup (glyphosate) and 2,4-D for weed control and switch to proven non-toxic methods that are cost comparable and require 30% less water.  We are asking that they add "Discussion of City policy for pesticide use on City property" to the next City Council meeting agenda.

Many other cities including Irvine, CA have successfully switched to non-toxic landscaping alternatives. The City of Irvine has only used organical landscaping methods for over a year now.  Cities across the U.S. are banning the use of toxic pesticides, and we would like to see San Juan Capistrano join in this endeavor.

Please sign and share this petition to tell San Juan Capistrano's City Council that you want them to stop using toxic pesticides at our playgrounds, parks, athletic fields and implement only non-toxic landscaping practices. We need them to make the health of our children, pets and SJC residents' health their priority over weed control.  We ask that they implement an organically driven IPM into policy just as the City of Irvine did on 2/23/16.  


Thank you,
Kim, Bob, Julie, Dean Baker MD, Ayn, Dr. Bruce Blumberg, Bruce Lanphear MD, John & Dana Melsom and the rest of the NTSJC team.

Please watch this video from one of our Non Toxic Advisor's, Bruce Lanphear MD, MPH Professor and Director of Children’s Health and Environmental Health, Little Things Matter, to learn how toxins damage the developing brain.

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