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A few days ago, KFC Canada announced the Limited Time "Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich" was sold out nationwide and hence had to be removed from their menu!  Unfortunately this happened abruptly, weeks ahead of the expected end-date of the promotion due to demand.  Loyal customers like myself who were advocates of this new sandwich were caught off guard with no opportunity to enjoy this delicious creation one last time!  So I'm here to plead with KFC Canada to bring back the Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich and add it to their menu as a permanent item.  I ask this so that chicken sandwich lovers and fans of the Colonel's Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices can continue to experience this wonderful innovation.

I'm a foodie at heart, on my foodie list of new items to try was the spicy version of the Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich before it completed its limited run.  Dear KFC Canada, please don't deprive this chicken sandwich fan the opportunity!  I hope you're reading my petition and considering it fairly.  I created this is in good fun but at the end of the day it will make great business sense for KFC to bring back this sandwich and its "big taste, bold flavours, crispy golden chicken".

To the fans, let me remind you: "the KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich is made with 100 per cent Canadian farm raised chicken; it is buttermilk marinated and hand breaded in KFC's famous Extra Crispy seasoning, and is then topped with sweet chunky pickles, creamy mayonnaise and sandwiched between a lightly toasted potato bun."  Your mouth is watering reading this.  Mine is watering typing this.  In closing, to any chicken sandwich fans reading this that may feel conflicted, if this petition is successful one day I challenge you to give this sandwich a chance and remind you that you can't have a famous chicken sandwich without famous chicken.

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Yours truly,

Brother Neil