It's time to change your pricing structure Games Workshop.

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Yesterday, we got these items at one price, but with the click of a button, and no actual physical effort or outlay to justify it, every price has now shot up thanks to "buying in your currency".

Spartan up $50, now $260 instead of $210.
Scoria up $50, now $190 instead of $140.
Perturabo up $50, now $170 instead of $120.
Leviathan body up $30, now $110 instead of $80.

I take no joy in this, the 'told you so' only goes so far. This hurts the hobby, less people will get into it, less people into it means less support from the company, and less support leads to games dying. That's why bad pricing structures hurt, not because of what they do to your wallet, but for what they do to your community.

This is a chance for the hobbyists of the world to stand together on this issue, to stand up for others and make their voices heard to the company when the rest of us cannot. We are being charged more for the mere fact of our location on the globe. A decal sheet is now $40, and costs $20 to ship. $20 for an A4 slip of paper to be moved by mail, it has come to this point.

Will they fight for us, or throw us to the wolves and tell us to "get over it" as they have for so long? United Kingdom, show us your character, will you fight for your fellow gamers, or debase yourselves on the alter of Games Workshop?