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Marlene Cooper started this petition to Kevin Murphy (MLA)

There is a huge problem in Nova Scotia that must be addressed.

Did you know that 67% of accidents involving elderly are caused because they thought the gas was the brake? 

Did you know that 60% of all accidents reported in Canada with serious and fatal injuries are adults 60 +? 

Did you know that unless you can’t see, or have fines or restrictions, that you can get your license without any kind of re-testing from the time you turn 16 until you die? 

Elderly people are driving with serious health conditions, a lot slower reflexes and many other health problems that come with aging. All of these factors can greatly reduce effectiveness when driving a motor vehicle, causing themselves and others to be hurt or killed!  They are getting behind the wheel of one of the most dangerous weapons in the world, their own vehicles!

 I know this first hand, because just over three months ago my 15 year old daughter was killed by an 87 year old man that, in my opinion, should have never been driving. This was the second time in less then two month that she was driving in a vehicle and got T boned out of no where by someone above 80. My heart breaks every day because I miss my baby girl so much and also because this could have been so easily avoided. The scariest part is, there are SO many elderly people that are in this category. Since my daughter passed in June, there have been at least three other serious accidents in Nova Scotia involving people over 80. This is a problem that could be so easily avoided! The way it goes now is pretty much this: unless family decides that it is dangerous and stops them, which doesn’t usually happen ( Usually family doesn’t want to take their last bit of “independence” away ), then there is no one else to stop them! No laws, No re-testing, nothing at all from 16 years old until you die! We talk about drunk drivers so much but Think about this for a second. How many elderly people, that if they were asked to take a roadside sobriety test would pass ? Do you think your mother or father or grandmother or grandfather who are getting up there in age, could stand on one foot with their finger on their nose without falling over or walk a perfectly straight line with hands out to the side? My grandparents couldn’t ( so they gave up their license) and many others are in this category because We all know that as you age, you aren’t nearly as spry or have the reflexes the same as when you were 16 and most in this category would never pass the drunk driving test let alone a re test of their license. If you can’t pass a drunk driving test sober, you should never be on the road, period! If you are one of those few that still can do these things, kudos to you, there aren’t many like you! This is why a complete retest should be mandatory every five years!

 Now, I know that there are people who are 50-60 or maybe even older that think “ I’m not signing that, I’m fine to drive. I shouldn’t have to take that test ever!” and maybe that is so right now ,but it’s inevitable. Everyone ages and everyone goes through changes in life that effect driving and just think about how you would feel if, one day down the road, you ended up hurting yourselves or others because you thought you were fine to drive. If you caused an accident because of slow reflexes, medical conditions or simply thinking the gas was the brake.

 This needs to change and with your help we can make this happen! 


Adults 60+ should have to get a retest done every 5 years and doctors should have to report any problems that would effect motor vehicle skills to the DMV within 15 days of diagnoses. This retest should involve a physical from their physician, a new written test and road test. If they pass great they can drive , if they don’t pass they have one more chance at a later date. If they still don’t pass, they lose their license indefinitely. If it is a medical condition that gets better and they have permission from a physician, they may try one more time. 

I have to live with the heartache of loosing my child forever but you don’t!! If we all work together and get as many signatures as possible, we can stop these senseless accidents!

Please help me bring this to the attention of N.S. Council by signing this petition! So that the necessary changes to the driving laws in Nova Scotia can be brought to light! So that you, your family or someone you love doesn’t get hurt or killed by something that could so easily be avoided with proper testing procedures! 

 With this small change, we could be saving hundreds of lives a year!! 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!