Banning/Restricting Motorized Scooters in Santa Monica

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On July 3, my 7-year-old son was on his bicycle, with a helmet, heading northbound on the beach path when he was hit by a motorized scooter traveling at 20 mph heading south in the northbound lane. The pole of the scooter struck him in the mouth, breaking his two front teeth, slicing his lip open, and loosening six other permanent teeth, which he may lose completely.
Our beach path has become unsafe, drivers are having to go to great lengths to avoid striking scooters disobeying the rules of the road, pedestrians are being struck on the sidewalks, and the scooters piling up on the sidewalks are hazards in our public walkways as well as infringing on private property. We must take measures, as other cities have done, to prevent the dangers that motorized scooters pose.