get sexual predators removed from the 2018 Vans Warped Tour lineup

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Everyone is sick of Warped tour allowing sexual predators on their tour. Young girls attend this tour every single year and we must protect them from these predators this last year.

The lead singer of With Confidence (Jayden Seeley) has sexual assault allegations ( ) against him (which he admitted to) and he was not removed from the band unlike ex-guitarist Luke Rockets. The band also knew about Luke Rockets history with younger girls but did nothing to stop it. They continued to make jokes about until the allegations again Luke came out and immediately said they knew nothing about the extent of it. The whole band is at blame for this. They will be preforming the entire summer on Vans Warped tour on the Owly. Fm stage.

Makeout is a band of known misogynists. Their song Secrets is song slut-shaming a girl who cheated on them. The chorus of the song always includes the use of the word Whore. "Your secrets aren't safe with me anymore, You blew it with your bullshit you f*cking whore." They also play Warped tour the entire summer on the Owly.Fm Stage.

In 2006 the lead singer of Falling In Reverse (Ronnie Radke) was sentenced to five years in probation for battery charges relating to his involvement in the (shooting) death of an 18 year old man in Nevada. Radke has also been accused of domestic violence. In 2012 he was arrested for hitting his girlfriend and then again in 2015 Radke was accused of participating in a gang rape of a woman ( .) They played both 2014 and 2016 Warped despite the allegations. They play Warped 6/26 to 7/16 this year on Journey's right foot stage.

In 2008 the band Don Broco released a song entitled Wat'cha Gonna Do. The content of the song revolves around date rape. The line "So I slip it in her drink and away we go" references it. The band received backlash for the song when it resurfaced. They made a statement "apologizing" for the song. In November of last year the lead singer (Rob) has allegations made against him. A girl came forward stating that he got her drunk and took her to a hotel room and took advantage of her. A few hours later the band released a statement saying they took legal actions. However, after her statement was released many girls came forward and said Rob groped them on their last US tour. They play Warped Tour the entire summer on Owly. Fm stage.

It's time we fight back and protect and defend the victims of these crimes. Warped's past history is horrible but it's time we strive for change. This is our last chance. Sign the petition to get these horrible predators removed from the tour's last year.

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